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What’s your (my) (external) IP address?

Until IPv6 will have conquered the world (and maybe neither that time) DSL will continue to operate with dynamic IP address. I have the usual home server behind my home router and sometimes I need to access remotely. What’s my home router’s external IP?

Until now I used a script in my server that uploads via ftp the ip on this site, an easy supybot plugin I wrote to ask my IRC bot the IP, or used one of my remote access plugins and I stopped sending the IP via mail (too much fighting with Gmail spam filters).

My friend Riccardo Catto had the same problem and asked me to write together a simple plugin that fetchs the external IP from one of the many sites that provide that kind of service. A bit of libpurle magic and we came out with this ‘What’s my IP’ plugin. I use it with finch in my home server and every time I need to know my external IP I just write ‘ip’ in a chat with finch buddy and it answer with something like:

Current IP Address: X.X.X.X

…and I kiss the monitor to thanks it.

Easy but somewhat useful :)

Yet another virtual terminal plugin: Instant messaging Remote Access



Now… I know I’m a bit obsessed by this arguments but I was quite unhappy with ImVT. Having become aware of the work to reach a minimal stable state with ImVT I realized I don’t have enough time. I’d like to write a library that handles only issues terminal related (interpret signals, escape/control sequences, …) allowing you to avoid to use a GUI (Gnome VTE forces you to have a gui for your terminal emulator) and to work with a simplified interface to push input and read processed output in some friendly way (markup? XML/HTML?). I’d like to but… now I can’t (and I don’t know if I were able to!).
So the idea I’ve done this new plugin, less versatile but a little bit more robust and far far away easier to write! The final result is a kind of telnet via IM. If you’re unsatisfied with ImVT take a look to ImRA and please leave a feedback!