Dummy Image Viewer (DiV) – I don’t like WPF very much but…

…I needed a lightweight image viewer to quick scan thousands snapshots coming from the Ladle Tracking system (steelworks) I work on. Unfortunately (IMHO :)) the main company I’m working for at the moment, uses MS WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) as platform for its software. Therefore, in the last year I’ve had to learn a bit of C# , WPF, MVVM pattern and so on, and it was the easiest method to get a small program quickly.

In two days of work this small size, standalone and quite dummy viewer has born. The main feature is the possibility to watch the current snapshot, 4 “previous” snapshots (at -8, -16, -32, -64) and 4 “following” (at +8, + 16, +32, +64) and skip (+/- 32 but configurable) forward/backward with Down/Up arrow keys. A bit of zoom stuff, some settings and finally I can avoid loosing time watching file previews in a painfully slow VPN!

It’s a really raw small program but maybe someone can find it useful and help to improve. I’ve load it on GitHub:

DiV on GitHub

Press H for a quick help and have fun!

Download Dummy Image Viewer


A small RTSP MJPEG client library (with ffmpeg)

Just a small client library that uses ffmpeg to read a RTSP (MJPEG) stream. I wrote it for a project I’m working on, where I need to grab frames from network cameras. I’ve put it on GitHub just because when I was looking for something similar I didn’t find much examples. The client library itslef is written in C++11. There’s a C# wrapper and tests, msvc12, WinForm and Qt (built with Ubuntu 14.04).

To build you need:

  • log4cplus
  • ffmpeg (for Windows zeranoe)

The Qt projects build library and tests for GNU/Linux.

Here’s the GitHub repository: https://github.com/qualibit/rtspmjpegclient

and here’s a build of the WinForm client: RTSPMJPEGClientTestWinForm.zip